Find all the information about your configuration and the platforms where you want to stream.

By clicking on the Configuration tab you will find the streaming information and the way to stream also on social networks.

A. Streaming information

You will find the necessary information to be able to send a video stream to your channel from your streaming software

  • Stream server: Channel's stream server address

  • Key stream: Stream key to connect the stream to your channel

You can copy this information quickly by clicking on the Copy button to the right of each field.

B. Streaming destinations

You can configure the different platforms where you want to stream simultaneously your live shopping. To do this, you must click on the Add destination button.

A pop-up appears and you must select the destination you want (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Youtube, Linkedin, TikTok, Custom)

When you select a destination, you will have to fill in the following information

  • Name: Name of the destination

  • RTMP URL: Destination stream server address

  • Keystream: Stream key to connect the stream to your destination

Once these fields are filled in, you can validate the creation of this new user by pressing the Save button. You can also update an existing destination by clicking on it.

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