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Aploze Widgets are the easiest and fastest way to open your highlight feed
Aploze Widgets are embeddable elements that create thumbnails of your Highlight videos. By clicking on a card, user open the feed and can watch a highlight. The content depends automatically on which highlight you have created in the admin panel, and UI elements like buttons labels, sections titles, events order.
Aploze widget's code are available in the admin panel.
You can use three different widgets :
This is a carousel that display automatically several Highlight items.
Carousel Widget
To display a highlight on your Carousel Widget, you need to enable it in your highlight settings, please read the User Manual for more details.

The Single Highlight Widget

Similarly to the carousel widget, this widget lets you show only one highlight in the carousel.
Single Highlight Widget
This is usefull if you want to add a highlight in a products list page for instance.

The Stories Widget

Similar to what you'll see on Instagram for example, this allows you to have multiple playlists in a widget, in the form of a carousel.
Stories Widget
You can embed these widgets anywhere on your website by copy/paste the embeddable code in your channel settings, but we suggest you to create a dedicated page where your users can have an overview of all your events.

Need to customize widget appearance ?

If you want to use widgets and fit with your branding perfectly, your can customize them with CSS directly on your website, see our Widgets Tech Documentation.