Discover the possibilities

You now are connected to Aploze’s admin, and it is time to discover the possibilities available to you.

1. Dashboard

The Dashboard section gives you an overview of the consolidated performance of your live shopping and shoppable videos since you started using Aploze.

You can find the following data:

  • Sales: Total sales generated from live shopping or a Highlight

  • Total viewers: All viewers who watched the live and highlight

  • Total watchtime: Total video minutes consumed by your visitors

  • Evolution of the number of viewers

  • Evolution of the number of product clicks

  • Evolution of the number of purchases

  • Conversion funnel: From audience reach to purchases

  • Bestsellers: The best-performing Highlight and Live Shopping in terms of sales generated

You can monitor the consumption of your minutes package in real time using the gauge displayed in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.

2. Live

The Live section allows you to create a new live shopping event and find/see the results of your ended events.

You can display the events according to their status:

  • All events: Displays all events, those to come and those that have happened in the past

  • Upcoming: Displays only upcoming events

  • Ended: Displays only completed events

You have can use a test event (in yellow) in order to be able to practice and to have a preview system of the different stages of the event (prelive / live / replay)

3. Highlight

The Highlight section allows you to find all the Shoppable Videos that you have previously created to be able to display them on your eCommerce platform. You can access to several tabs on this section:

  • Highlight: See all shoppable videos you have previously created

  • Playlists: Group several Highlight to display them on the same carousel on your eCommerce platform.

  • Analytics: Find a dashboard where you can find all the consolidated KPIs of all your shoppable videos.

4. Products

The Products section lets you fill in the products you want to present during your live shopping events and build your product catalog.

You can create as many products as you want and delete some if necessary

5. Branding

The Branding section lets you personalize your live shopping events according to your brand (logo, typography, colors, etc.)

You can create as different types of branding as you want and delete some if necessary.

6. Settings

You can access your account and channel settings by clicking on your profile at the bottom left of your screen.

A sub-menu appears, and you can access different sections:

  • My account: Edit your user account settings

  • Channel settings: Access channel settings (Information, Users, Configuration)

  • Log out: Log out of your user account

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