Settings and account

Aploze’s admin allows you to configure the different settings of your channel and edit your personal information.

1. Menu access

To access your channel settings and your account, you must click on your profile at the bottom of the menu on the left of the screen. A sub-menu appears to provide you with several possible choices:

  • My account: Access to your user account

  • Channel settings: Access to the channel settings

  • Log out: Channel log out

2. My account

Once you have clicked on the My account section, you will be redirected to your personal space where you can edit the following information:

  • Full name

  • Email: Email address associated with your account

  • Profile Picture

  • Password: Change your password

Once your changes have been made, you can validate them by clicking on the Save button located at the top right of your screen.

3. Channel settings

If you click on the Channel settings section you will be redirected to the settings of your channel composed of several tabs:

  • General: General channel information

  • Users: Users list of this channel

  • Integration: Domains list of this channel

  • Configuration: Streaming information related to this channel

  • Legal: Legal and GDPR information related to this channel

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