Personalize your events in your colors

Aploze's admin allows you to personalize your live shopping events according to your brand (colors, fonts, logos) thanks to the creation of dedicated Branding.

Once you create your branding, you can associate it with your Live Shopping event when it is completely assembled.

1. Branding list

By accessing the Branding section you will find all the past branding designs you have created.

On your first use, this list will be empty and you will be prompted to create your first branding.

2. Create a branding

You can create a new branding by clicking on the Add branding button located at the top right of your screen.

You can create as much branding as you want and delete some if necessary.

3. Fill in the information of your new branding

Once you arrive on the new branding creation page, you will need to fill in various fields:

  • Name: Branding name

  • Brand name: Brand name which will display during your Live Shopping Event

  • Fonts: Fonts used on the live shopping interfaces

  • Colors: Colors used on the live shopping interfaces

  • Logo: Brand logo used on the pre-live page

  • Live avatar: Brand logo used on avatar during the Live Shopping event

  • Social networks: Brand social networks links

Find a detailed description and use case situations of each of the elements of branding: Aploze Customization Guidelines

4. Save your branding

You have now filled in all the fields necessary to create your branding. To save it, all you have to do is press the Save button located at the top right of your screen.

Once saved, the branding will appear in your list of branding, and you can edit or delete it.

5. Edit a branding

To edit a branding, you have to click on the branding you want, and then you will be redirected to its information. Once on this page, you can change the information.

If you edit a branding remember to save your changes before exiting edit mode.

6. Delete a branding

You can delete a branding at any time from your list. To do this, simply click on the red delete button located to the right of each branding.

A validation pop-up will then appear for you to confirm the deletion of the branding by pressing Delete

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