At Aploze, we don't take the subject of performance lightly. We know it's crucial to the user experience, which is why we've implemented a whole series of optimizations designed to make the experience smoother by minimizing your website's loading time.

  1. Page-specific scripts (Code Splitting)

By implementing the technique known as 'code splitting', our library divides the JavaScript code into smaller, manageable 'chunks' that are loaded as and when needed by each page of your website. It ensures users only download what's absolutely necessary for their current view, eliminating unnecessary data transfer and enhancing loading speed.

– See: What is code splitting Here are some page load results based on usage: (June 2023)

  • Library only = 23.5kb

  • Library + Product Widget = 42kb

  • Library + Carousel Widget = 88kb

  • Library + Gallery Widget = 153kb

  1. Adaptive Image Handling (on-the-fly image processing)

Our library optimizes image loading by adapting to the user's display size and the compression algorithm available in the user's browser. This way, the system doesn't waste bandwidth on oversized images and harnesses optimal compression for faster page loads. Remember, it's not just about creating a visual impact, but how quickly you deliver it - and with our JavaScript library, the speed of image rendering in a widget is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Here an example of an image uploaded in the admin panel:

  1. Resource Distribution via CDN with Server and Browser Caching

Integrating Content Delivery Network (CDN) technology, our library ensures static files are stored across a network of servers worldwide. Users can download resources from the nearest server, slashing latency times. Further, with advanced server and browser caching, resources once loaded don't require a round-trip on each visit.

  1. XHR calls through Web Workers (multi-threading)

Our library must communicate with our servers from your site, leveraging the power of 'web workers', we make XHR (XML HTTP Request) calls from background scripts. Unlike main-thread operations, these do not block user interactions, ensuring uninterrupted, smooth browsing even during intensive data fetching operations.

– See: What is a web worker

Our commitment to provide the best possible performance means you can focus on delivering top-notch content for your users.

If you have any suggestions for improving Aploze's performance on your site, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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