Moderate the live chat

Aploze’s admin allows you to moderate the messages of live viewers and interact with them.

1. Chat messages

To moderate the chat, you must go to the Moderation tab of your event. All the messages from the live will be displayed continuously on the Chat container.

At the right, a preview of the live stream will be displayed, allowing you to watch the event while you are in charge of the moderation.

You will have the capacity to filter the messages sent by the viewers:

  • All: Contains all messages sent by viewers

  • Questions: Contains all messages containing a “?”

This sorting will allow you to quickly distinguish between messages and questions so you can answer them efficiently and effectively.

2. Stop the display of messages

You can decide to stop the continuous display of messages, simply by scrolling up. A red button will appear to let you know that the scroll is paused.

You will also be able to see the number of messages that have been sent since you paused the scroll. By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the last message sent in the chat and the continuous display of messages will resume.

3. Send a new message

If you want to share important information, you can send a new message on your brand's behalf in the live chat.

To do this, you must type your message on the input at the bottom of the Chat container and send it by clicking on the Send button

Once you send your message, it will appear in the live chat on behalf of your brand. On your moderation tool, your message will appear with a white background allowing you yo dissociate your messages of the viewers messages.

4. Answer to message/question

You can answer questions submitted by viewers in the chat by your brand name.

To do this, click on the message in question. field. Then to send your response, type your message on the input at the bottom of the Chat container and send it by clicking on the Replay button

Once your answer has been sent, it will appear in the live chat under your brand name, as well as the branding that you have associated with your event.

5. Pin a message

You can also pin a message in the live chat to display important information (Ex: Promo code)

To do this, you must type your message on the input at the bottom of the Chat container and click on the square rounded button with the pin icon to activate the pin feature before clicking the Send button.

Once your message has been sent, it will appear at the top of the live chat and above other messages until you want to delete it.

To signify that a message is pinned, it will appear below the Live chat title in a white bar. To erase it, you just have to click on the red button with the cross located to the right of this white bar.

6. Display a message/question to the Personal Shopper

To create interaction between the viewers and the Personal Shopper, you can display the messages and questions sent in the live chat. This permits the Personal Shopper to answer questions from viewers about live products and much more.

To display a message or question, you need to click on the green button with the screen icon to the right of a chat message.

Once the message is displayed, a pane named Displayed messages will appear below your screen to let you know that a message is currently displayed on the live Personal Shopper screen.

We advise not to display more than two messages at the same time to the Personal Shopper to facilitate reading.

Once the Personal Shopper has answered the message, you can erase it from their screen by simply pressing the red button with the cross located to the right of the message displayed.

You can find the link of the page where the messages will be displayed to the Personal Shopper from the Settings tab of your event

7. Moderate viewers

If you notice inappropriate messages or behavior from certain viewers, you have the option to moderate them in two different ways:

  • Delete a message: You can delete a chat message by clicking the button with the trash icon to the right of a chat message.

  • Ban a viewer: You can ban a viewer by clicking the button to the left of a message's delete button. Once the user is banned, they will no longer be able to send messages in the chat, but they will be able to continue watching the Live Shopping event.

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