How it works

How Aploze works with your website

Aploze lets you display video content on your website. To do so, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Insert the TAG

The first thing to do to use Aploze on your website is to insert the Aploze JS TAG into all pages of your website. You can insert it directly into code or by using your current Tag Manager System.

Please see the tag documentation for more details.

Step 2: Use Aploze Widgets

Now, you need to use our widgets to give user an access to your video content. There are two type of widgets:

  • Embeddable Widgets

Embeddable widgets need to be inserted "as content" directly on your website pages. They are represented by HTML snippets that you can find in the admin panel. You can insert them directly into code or by using your current Conent Manager System (Be sure you can insert html code).

  • Activable Widgets

Because they are floating, Activable widgets do not need to be inserted into the pages of your site using HTML snippets. To display them, you need to select display rules in the admin panel. These rules are based on URLs, and you can use them in any way you like, such as displaying the widget on all pages containing "/products/", or displaying it everywhere except on pages containing "/cart/" and "/checkout/".

Please see the widget documentation for more details.

Step 3: Install Transaction TAG

In order to track the sales generated after watching a Live Shopping event or a Highlight video, you need to install our transaction tracking tag on your order confirmation page.

Please see the transaction tag documentation for more details.

Step 4: Manage everything else from the admin panel

This tool allows you to create, manage and operate your LiveShopping Events. In this panel your can also add your products, customize the player with your own branding, manage currency, timezone & language, RGPD compliance...

To start with the admin, please read the User Manual to discover the possibilities and connect with your account on

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