Broadcast a Live Shopping event from a smartphone

You can capture a video stream from your smartphone by using our mobile streaming application. This allows you to be able to launch a live simply and in a few minutes

You can download the Aploze application to your smartphone to capture a video stream and connect it to the Aploze admin.

We noticed that the app has some working issues with the iOS 15.6 update. We strongly recommend that you use the latest iOS 15.6.1 update to run the app properly.

1. Login

To start a live shopping from your smartphone, you must first enter your identifiers. To do this, all you need to do is fill in the e-mail address and password of your account.

Once these two fields are completed, you can press the button Connexion

2. Select your channel

Once connected to the Aploze application, you need to select the channel on which you want to run your live shopping event.

3. Choose your video mode

Aploze app allow you to stream on the video mode you want: Portrait or Landscape. To select a mode you just have to turn your smartphone on the way you want to stream:

  • Vertical to stream on Portrait

  • Horizontal to stream on Landscape

Once your stream is running, you can't change your video mode

Don't forget to disabled the smartphone orientation to be able to select Portrait or Landscape mode:

4. Test your internet connection

To ensure that you have sufficient internet connection, the application allows you to test your speed. To do this, simply press the button at the bottom right of your screen and then select Test your connection

Depending on the result, you will receive a pop-up telling you whether or not your connection allows you to launch a live stream from your smartphone.

5. Select your audio source

You have the option of being able to select the audio source that will capture the sound of your live. This will allow you to connect an external audio source, if you don't want to use your smartphone's microphone.

To do this, simply press the button at the bottom right of your screen and then select Select audio source. Then, all you have to do is choose the audio source of your choice from the list offered.

6. Start your live

Once your connection has been tested and your audio source selected, you can launch the video stream to connect it to the Aploze admin. To do this, press the red START button in the center of your screen.

Once your video stream is launched, go to your event from your back office and wait for the red Start live button to appear at the top right of your screen. Click this button on it to start the live.

7. End your live

Once your event is over, end the video stream from your mobile application by pressing the END LIVE button in the center of your screen. You will be asked for confirmation to validate the end of your live.

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