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To use Aploze on your website, you need to load the Aploze JS SDK. We offer it as a hosted JavaScript library called by the Tag.
This section describes how to implement it and which customization you can operate (Pass cookies consents, send a custom user ID...)


Here what the tag looks like:
(function () {
var aplz = document.createElement("script");
aplz.type = "text/javascript";
aplz.async = true;
aplz.src = "//js.aploze.com/v1.js?key=[YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY]";
var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];
s.parentNode.insertBefore(aplz, s);
<script async src="//js.aploze.com/v1.js?key=[YOUR_DOMAIN_KEY]"></script>
The JS SDK is called with a key parameter, this unique identifier is required to match your domain with your Aploze Account.
You can find a ready-to-use tag with your domain key in the channel settings part of the admin panel.
Worried about performance? Take a look at our optimizations

Use a Tag Management System ?

At this time, the tag is not yet listed in common TMS, but you can create your custom tag with your favorite solution:
Aploze working with cookies (see cookies sections), if needed, you can pass user consent that you would collect yourself by using the JS SDK API or insert consents directly into the tag by using two parameters:
  • tcc the consent for the technical cookie
  • acc the consent for the analytics cookie
Here the JS SDK is called with our two consent parameters:

Pass Custom User ID in the Tag (optional)

A user has an Aploze-relative user ID, but you can add another one that comes from your website (User Account ID, Analytics user ID...). This is useful to get a user reference during users data export. As you pass user consent, you can use the by using the JS SDK API or insert this id directly into the tag by using this parameter:
  • uid the Custom user ID

All tag parameters

Here a list of all parameters you can pass when the SDK is called.
Your domain key
Boolean (true or false)
Technical Cookie Consent
Boolean (true or false)
Analytics Cookie Consent
Custom User ID
Required fields