Synchronise Products

Aploze allows you to use your catalog data inside our solution in order to add products directly from your catalog.

In order to be able to synchronise your catalog, we will only need one thing:

  • A link to your catalog (ex:

This catalog shall be a list of your products. The formats accepted are

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • XML

We recommend JSON or XML, but CSV is still good; the parsing is just a little slower.

Products require the following keys to properly be parsed

It is not necessary to have the same name for the keys (for example, link can be url). We will map the original keys to the ones needed.



The name of the product as a string.


The description of the product. This field is decoded in case there are HTML tags inside but it's preferable that it's "clean", as a string.


The price of the product. Preferably in the form of a decimal number.


The price of the product when it has a special discount.


The URL of the product page. It must correspond to a valid URL, prefixed with https.


The stock information of the product. This can be the number of products remaining in stock (from X to 0) or a boolean (yes/no, true/false), or the term "In Stock" or "Out Of Stock".


The unique ID of your product (which often corresponds to the SKU). It must necessarily correspond to the ID you retrieve during a transaction because it is this element that we use to link transactions to Aploze data.


The URL of the main product image. There can be multiple image links (e.g., image_link_2, additional image_link, etc.).

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