The Player

The Aploze Player is where your LiveShopping events are displayed on your website.

What is it ?

This is where your users can watch your Liveshopping events on your website, displayed as an overlay, that means an onsite pop up that appears in front of a webpage.

What does it look like?

When the user click on a Liveshopping widget, the player opens as follows:

What does the player contains ?

This element displays automatically all steps of an event:

  1. Prelive: the event is not started yet, but you want to promote it.

  2. Live: the event is currently live

  3. Replay: the event is finished, but user can see what's happened during the live

How to open the player ?

The Player is displayed as an overlay on your website, that's why it needs a user action to be opened. You have the choice between two ways to the user click, you can:

  • Use Aploze widgets to create automatically clickable components:

  • Make Any elements clickable on your website by using our JS SDK API:


If needed, you can open the Player automatically by passing the parameter in the url of your website page: ?aploze_event=[YOUR_EVENT_ID] You can find the ID of your Event in event settings on the Admin Panel.

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